How it works


Interested in getting an existing pair of glasses reglazed with new lenses? We can help. Please read through this page carefully and then when you’re ready to order, click the ‘Order’ button at the bottom of the page.

Full Rim Frame
Semi-Rimless Frame
Rimless Frame

Full Rim reglazing from £25

Semi-Rimless reglaze from £35

Rimless reglaze from £100*

*rimless reglaze includes 1.6 index lenses and anti-reflective coating as standard

How it Works

Frames we can't currently reglaze

Unfortunately, if your glasses belong to any of the below categories, we won’t be able to reglaze them:

• Non-prescription, ready-bought sunglasses
• Safety glasses
• Goggles

• Existing Ready Readers
• Frames that have existing damage (see below)

Frame Suitability

Unfortunately, even if your frames are not in any of the above categories, some frames are still not suitable. This is due to the fact that putting new lenses into an existing frame is quite a stressful process on the frame itself. Glasses frames often get brittle and flawed over time, so some frames may be at risk of breaking during the process of swapping the lenses over.

Reglazing is to be carried out at the customer’s own risk!

Ok, I've checked my frame and they seem fine

Great! If you have considered all of the above points and you’re confident your frames are suitable for reglazing, you’re welcome to go ahead and place your order. Please familiarise yourself with the Reglazing section of our Terms & Conditions by clicking here, and then click the button below to place your reglaze order: