Reglaze FAQs


Direct Specs FAQ

Why is it more expensive to reglaze rimless frames?
Due to the way rimless frames are manufactured, they require a lot more work to reglaze and are at higher risk of breaking. This is why we include 1.6 index (thinner and lighter) lenses as standard, as well as an Anti-Reflective coating. It minimises the risk of breaking during the reglaze process and provides an all-round more comfortable fit.
What happens if my frames get damaged before they arrive to you?
Unfortunately we cannot take responsibility for frames that have been inadequately packaged and thus damaged on the journey through the postal system. Please ensure your frames are in a suitable (preferably hard plastic) glasses case, and put in a padded Jiffy envelope or box where they will be safe.
Where do I send my frames once I’ve placed my order?
Once you have placed your order via our website, your frames can be sent, along with your emailed order confirmation, to Reglaze Department, Direct Specs, 5 Hollies Court, Cannock, Staffordshire, WS11 1DB.
What if my frame is unsuitable and I choose an alternative frame instead?
If you choose an alternative frame from your unsuitable one, the price will be calculated based on what you paid for your reglaze, and any extra payment will need to be taken over the phone. Once payment has been made, your chosen reglaze lenses can go into the new frame which will then be sent out with your old frame back to you.
What happens if you receive my frame and find it’s unsuitable?
This is rare as we ask our customers to check over their frames before sending them out to us. However, if we do receive your frame and deem it unsuitable for a reglaze, we will send you an email to let you know and start making preparations to return your frame to you. If you have checked the box during the checkout process that you would like to be told of "similar alternative frames" upon discovery that your current frames are unsuitable, one of our sales staff will be in touch via email to show you any similar in style frames you may like instead. If you did not check the box or you are not keen on any of the alternative frames, the payment for the reglaze itself will be refunded within 7 days, however we will retain the postage charge to send back your frames.
How long does a reglaze take?
Once we have received your glasses at our offices and deemed them suitable, it will usually take a maximum of 7-10 working days to do the reglaze and ship your new specs back out to you.